We want to support you to fulfilling your
    dream of being parents

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    We want to support you to fulfill your dream of being parents

    At Surrogacy Florida Consultants you will find excellent professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and fertility, that is why in us you find the best option to fulfill your dream of being parents.

    We have the best in vitro laboratory in the country, we offer diagnostic assessment, psychological guidance and high and low complexity care.

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    Surrogacy and Fertility Consulting Agency

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    Our team with the best specialists in reproductive medicine is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the different treatments we offer.

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    Why us?

    Our main motivation is the happiness of our clients, we understand the reality of each of them and take their dreams personally to help them fulfill these dreams. Each patient is very important for us, which is why we offer them complete and personalized assistance.

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    Dreams sometimes take time but the illusions always come true.

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    Our service centers comply with all Quality standards.

    Certified Staff

    We have specialists in assisted reproduction and fertility

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    There are already hundreds of cases of people who have make your
    dream of being a father come true.

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