About Us

    About Us

    Surrogacy Florida Consultants

    We are a surrogacy and fertility consulting agency, specialized in reproductive health, assisted reproduction and genetics.

    We are characterized by our broad portfolio of innovative services in the biotechnology area with an emphasis in developmental biology, human reproduction, cell culture, and genetic therapies, to contribute to the welfare and quality of reproductive health of our patients through medical and genetics personalized accompaniment.

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    Why us?

    Our main motivation is the happiness of our clients, we understand the reality of each of them and take their dreams personally to help them fulfill these dreams. Each patient is very important for us, which is why we offer them complete and personalized assistance, clarifying any doubts and answering all their questions, this way we create a trust bond with our clients who then become members of the family.


    Quality comes first

    As surrogacy and fertility consulting agency we feel proud to offer high-quality service; we are licensed by the Ministry of Health and have the approval of INVIMA (National Institute for Medicine and Food Surveillance).

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