Can I Be a Single Father Today?

    Every day it is more common for single people to form single-parent families, where the family nucleus is formed by a single parental image. It can be a more complicated process due to the lack of the female role or the male role, since it is needed at each stage and process. However, it is not impossible, and now some practices have been developed to achieve that.

    Single parents are recognized worldwide, and under a series of requirements, they are free to form a family without being judged, seeking to form a single-parent plan (although there are still countries that prohibit it). There are three ways to become single parents: adoption, surrogacy, and co-parenting.

    Men lack the organ that allow them to fulfill their dream by themselves, needing external help. Below there are those three ways that men can choose to live the pleasant experience of being a father.

    Single parent adoption:

    It is the most complicated technique in terms of requirements and benefits where adoption centers evaluate the case in order to allow a man to be an adoptive father. It is not an easy technique in terms of time and pertinent evaluations, so the agency ensures the child will be given a dignified life without abuse.


    It is the only reproductive technique that allows a man to be the biological father of the child, without having to form a marriage.

    It is faster than adoption, although it involves a series of tests and laws, which can vary, depending on the country. The reasons why this process is performed are:

    • The person who develops the pregnancy does not have a direct relationship with the intended father, he will only be the person that allows the process. He will not contribute his genetic material either, in order to prevent possible unwanted eventualities. In most cases they are just women who want to help their families.
    • Genetic material will be from the intentional father (sperm), and the rest is collected by egg donation. Both go through a preliminary analysis that allows them to evaluate compatibility and select those with a higher success rate.
    • The entire process is linked to a legal center that ensures the whole process, which is similar to an adoption.
    ¿Puedo ser padre soltero? padre soltero

    It is important to note that these treatments have a high cost due to all the medical and legal requirements that they need. Being for some people unreachable. There are countries where the differences in cost vary significantly. But there are some other countries where access to this option is much easier and real.

    It is important to review these points before making the decision. There are online surrogacy centers that can give professional help.

    The next steps must be followed by the person who opts for assisted reproduction technique:

    ¿Puedo ser padre soltero? padre soltero

    -Medical and psychological evaluation of the intentional father.

    -Evaluation of the donor, doing a physical compatibility study.

    -The pregnant woman must go through medical and psychological studies in the same way.

    -Collection and fertilization of both genetic materials, which will be kept in the laboratory until the embryos develop.

    -Inseminate the pregnant woman and wait for the pregnancy test.

    -Entire pregnancy process until birth.

    -Legal process and transfer home.


    It is the agreement between two people who are not together by love or marriage. Where they decide to have a child together to share the rights and collaborate in their formation. It is a method that supposes a collaboration between both of them, sometimes needing a legal basis, where they reach an agreement about the functions each of them will supply. As well as future planning about their education, economy, and roles.

    It tends to be a bit tricky because of the roles both must take in a long term. It is common for this type of parenting to be linked to the dream of living the experience, and not to a problem with the genetic material. Also, this type of parenting isn´t usually as planned at the beginning as the others.

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