Egg Donation

    Fertility treatments


    Our goal as a fertility clinic is to make illusions come true, we understand what our patients live and our goal is to get them to have their babies. We have a 90% success rate in fertility cases treated in the clinic and we are the first fertility clinic in Colombia that guarantees to fulfill the illusion of being a parent.

    Egg Donation is one of the alternatives we offer in Surrogacy Florida Consultants as a fertility method, indicated for patients whose quality of their own eggs is low, or for patients who by their very nature do not produce eggs. There is often a desire to have babies but for different factors this is not possible, whether by age, by sex, among others. 

    With Egg Donation this will no longer be an impediment. In Surrogacy Florida Consultants before starting any treatment, we first like to speak clearly with our patients, that is why initially a consultation is made in which patients have the opportunity to ask all the questions they have, in order to clarify any doubts.

    Following this space, our specialists will perform a diagnostic examination, in this way we can determine the type of case of our patients, which will allow us to make a decision regarding the appropriate treatment to help them.

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